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About Us

The best Jewelry

Since 1978 is a brand new webshop made with love. Started as a hobby and grew out as a passion. Our biggest passion is jewelry as you have probably  guessed. But when I did not have my own webshop yet i was never able to find the right jewelry. That is the reason why i wanted to make my own jewlery and have others enjoy it too. The most unique jewelry and the best prices! Our biggest inspiration are the newest trends, influencers, celebrties and the biggest brands. But we want to be different than all items that are already there. We are a boutique and want to be special. We give you the best service for the best price. Because we started last year we are still very new in this market. Although it is our passion we still need to learn a lot. We appreciate all the feedback we can get to become better at what we do. 

With love,

Rachel Prakken


Only the Best

Quality is really important for us, you’re jewelry has to look amazing for a very long time.