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About us

This is the about us page from Wrappit. Here you find all the history from Wrappit and anything about what we do and why.

Our Story

Founded  in 2021

This is about our Webshop that was created because of a school assignment. This is a Dropship website with the topic of sunglasses. Here you will also find the nicest and most beautiful sunglasses tailored to your size. You can also tailor your own lenses here.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give you the best sunglasses and the best size for you. Our mission is also to keep all our customers happy, we would like to keep customer satisfaction good because we think that is important for the growth of our website.

”I came up with the idea for this website because I had to make a website for school. I thought about it a lot then and I was sure I wanted to do something with sunglasses because I also have glasses myself and I think it is very important that everyone can get them.”

Lev van Ligtenberg


Online Shopping

You can shop online with our good website that is made by Lev van Ligtenberg. It is a dropship shop from me.

Custom Lenses

We also make custom lenses for everyone on every size for all the sort of eyes some has also color you can choose it by yourself.


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Lev van Ligtenberg

Hollandse Hout 236


tel: (0320) 411 939